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Japanese Reed Bunting

Emberiza yessoensis

The Ochre-rumped bunting, Emberiza yessoensis, also known as the Japanese reed bunting, is a small passerine bird adorned with a distinctive ochre hue on its rump. This species, first described by Robert Swinhoe in 1863, measures approximately 15 cm in length and is noted for its rich coloration among reed buntings, particularly its pinkish legs and bill during the winter months.

Identification Tips

The male Ochre-rumped bunting can be identified by its dark back and chestnut upperparts, with a pattern of black and buff stripes on the breast and sides. The nape is brown, while the sides of the neck are whitish. The female is characterized by a buffy submoustachial and throat, with black malar stripes and a dark brown crown streaked with pale. Juveniles display a pale greyish-brown central crown stripe and a yellowish-brown rump. The call of this bird is a distinctive 'sur-swee-ik' or 'tik'.


The Ochre-rumped bunting is typically found in open fields near water, where it can take advantage of the temperate grassland and swamp environments.


This species inhabits regions across Manchuria, Korea, and Japan. It is a migratory bird, with some populations breeding in eastern Mongolia, northeast China, and Ussuriland, and wintering in east China, Japan, and Korea.


The Ochre-rumped bunting's behavior in the wild, particularly regarding its migratory patterns and social interactions, is a subject of interest for birdwatchers and ornithologists alike.


Information on the breeding habits of the Ochre-rumped bunting, including its nesting preferences and reproductive cycle, would be of great value to observers.

Similar Species

The Ochre-rumped bunting is closely related to the common reed bunting and the Pallas's reed bunting. These relatives are sometimes classified in the genus Schoeniclus and may share similar habitats and physical characteristics.

Diet and Feeding

As a member of the Emberizidae family, the Ochre-rumped bunting is likely to have a diet consisting primarily of seeds, which it forages from its grassland and swamp habitats.

Conservation status

The Ochre-rumped bunting is currently classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List. The primary threat facing this species is habitat loss, which poses a significant challenge to its survival.

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