Hawaii Akepa

Loxops coccineus

The Hawaiʻi ʻakepa (Loxops coccineus) is an endangered ʻakepa native to Hawaiʻi in the Hawaiian Islands. The Latin name of the bird, Loxops coccineus, means "crossed" (Loxops) and "red" (coccineus). It is a four-inch (10 cm) long bird of a dusty green color. Males are bright orange. It has a small cross bill just like the other Loxops species. Its call is a slight quivering whistle ending with a long trill. The Hawaiʻi ʻakepa survives only in two or three locations, all on the island of Hawaii: one population in Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge (on the Hamakua Coast of Mauna Kea), one in the upper forest areas of Kau (in the southern part of the island), and one on the northern slope of Hualālai (perhaps extirpated). As of 2000, about 14,000 Hawaiʻi ʻakepa remained. They were listed as an endangered species in 1975.
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