Oahu Akialoa

Akialoa ellisiana

The Oʻahu ʻakialoa (Akialoa ellisana) was a Hawaiian honeycreeper in the subfamily Carduelinae of the family Fringillidae (finches). It was formerly considered a subspecies in the greater akialoa complex before being elevated to a full species. It was endemic to the island of Oʻahu in the Hawaiian Islands. Since the population was already taking a toll due to the large amount of deforestation, it was susceptible to the avian influenza, more commonly known as the bird flu. This was brought in by mosquitoes who were carrying the virus and were able to spread it within the community. Because of the virus, the population fell to around 4–6 percent of its normal population (Pratt). Scientists were sure that this bird was still common in the 1860s, according to evidence found by Perkins. Afterward, few reports came in, though two were presumed to be seen in 1933 and one in 1940.
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