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A photo of a Pechora Pipit (Anthus gustavi)
Pechora Pipit

Pechora Pipit

Anthus gustavi

The Pechora pipit, Anthus gustavi, is a small, elusive passerine bird with a penchant for the East Palearctic tundra's dense vegetation. It bears a resemblance to the non-breeding red-throated pipit, with a heavily streaked brown plumage above, adorned with whitish mantle stripes. Below, it features a buff breast and a white belly with distinct black markings.

Identification Tips

When attempting to distinguish the Pechora pipit from its relatives, note its heavier bill and the stark contrast between the buff breast and white belly. The whiter mantle stripes are also a key characteristic. However, due to its secretive nature, this bird can be quite a challenge to spot and identify.


The preferred breeding grounds of the Pechora pipit are the damp tundra, open woodlands, and marshlands, where it can be found creeping through long grasses.


This species breeds across a range from the Pechora River to the Chukchi Peninsula, including Kamchatka and the Commander Islands. It is a long-distance migrant, wintering in Indonesia. Occasionally, it may be observed in western Europe during September and October.


The Pechora pipit exhibits skulking behavior, often remaining hidden in long grass and showing reluctance to take flight even when disturbed. This makes it a particularly difficult species to observe, especially outside its breeding territories in the Arctic.

Song & Calls

Its call is a distinctive electrical "zip," which is less frequently heard compared to other pipits. This trait, coupled with its skulking habits, adds to the challenge of locating and identifying this bird by sound alone.


Nests are constructed on the ground within the bird's breeding habitat. The clutch typically consists of four to five eggs.

Diet and Feeding

Like its relatives, the Pechora pipit is insectivorous, foraging for insects in its habitat.

Conservation status

The Pechora pipit is currently classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, indicating that it is not at immediate risk of population decline.

Similar Species

The Pechora pipit is similar in appearance to the non-breeding red-throated pipit but can be differentiated by the aforementioned identification tips.

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Noralip Hassanuddin [Labuan Avian Group]
14 Dec 2023 - 1:16am

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