Australian Pipit

Anthus australis

The Australian pipit (Anthus australis) is a fairly small passerine bird of open country in Australia and New Guinea. It belongs to the pipit genus Anthus in the family Motacillidae. It was formerly lumped together with the Richard's, African, Mountain and Paddyfield pipits in a single species: Richard's pipit, Anthus novaeseelandiae.Many authors split the Australasian pipit further into two species: Australian pipit (Anthus australis) in Australia and New Guinea. It is a slender bird, 16 to 19 cm long. The plumage is pale brown above with dark streaks. The underparts are pale with streaks on the breast. There is a pale stripe over the eye and dark malar and moustachial stripes. The long tail has white outer-feathers and is often wagged up and down. The legs are long and pinkish-brown while the bill is slender and brownish. It has a sparrow-like chirruping call and a drawn-out tswee call.
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Harriet Baber
Thursday 01 Dec 2022 - 8:38pm
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