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A photo of a White-throated Bulbul (Alophoixus flaveolus)
White-throated Bulbul

White-throated Bulbul

Alophoixus flaveolus

The White-throated Bulbul, known scientifically as Alophoixus flaveolus, is a charming songbird that graces the subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests with its presence. This species is adorned with a distinctive white throat that contrasts with its overall plumage.

Identification Tips

When observing the White-throated Bulbul, one should note its prominent white throat, which serves as a key identifying feature. The bird's plumage is otherwise a blend of subtle hues that allow it to blend seamlessly into the forest canopy.


The natural abode of the White-throated Bulbul is the lush subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. These environments provide the perfect backdrop for the bird's daily activities and behaviors.


This species is found in a range that extends from the eastern Himalayas through Myanmar and into western Thailand. It is a bird of the southeast Asian region, thriving in the dense forested areas within this geographical span.


The White-throated Bulbul exhibits behaviors typical of its family, engaging in activities that are both a delight to observe and a testament to the richness of its natural habitat.

Conservation status

The IUCN Red List has classified the White-throated Bulbul as Least Concern, indicating that, for now, this species does not face immediate threats to its survival. However, continuous monitoring is essential to ensure it remains out of danger.


There are two recognized subspecies of the White-throated Bulbul:

  • A. f. flaveolus: Native to the eastern Himalayas and northern Myanmar.
  • A. f. burmanicus: Found in southeastern Myanmar, southern China, and western Thailand. This subspecies was initially described as a separate species within the genus Criniger.

Similar Species

While the White-throated Bulbul has several alternate names, it is important not to confuse it with other species such as the Ashy-fronted Bulbul (Pycnonotus cinereifrons) or the Yellow-bellied Bulbul (Alophoixus phaeocephalus). Additionally, the common name 'White-throated Bulbul' is shared with other species like the White-throated Greenbul and the Eastern Bearded Greenbul, among others. Careful observation and identification are key to distinguishing these species in the field.

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