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A photo of a Thekla's Lark (Galerida theklae)
Thekla's Lark

Thekla's Lark

Galerida theklae

Thekla's lark, a modestly sized avian, is somewhat smaller than its cousin, the Eurasian skylark. It is distinguished by its long, spiky, and erectile crest. The plumage is predominantly a dark-streaked grey above and a paler whitish below, with both sexes appearing similar in their muted tones.

Identification Tips

When identifying Thekla's lark, look for its greyer appearance compared to the Eurasian skylark, as well as the absence of white on the wing and tail edges. The bird's smaller stature and shorter bill set it apart from the crested lark. In flight, one can discern its grey underwings, contrasting with the reddish underwings of the crested lark.


This species favors the rugged terrain, where scrub and semi-arid grasslands intersperse with bare patches of earth, often at various altitudes.


Thekla's lark graces a broad range, from the Iberian Peninsula across northern Africa to sub-Saharan regions, reaching from Senegal to Somalia. It is a sedentary bird, choosing not to migrate but to remain within its native lands.


Thekla's lark is a ground nester, laying a clutch of two to six eggs. Its diet consists of seeds and insects, with the latter being particularly important during the breeding season.

Song & Calls

The lark's song is a melodious and varied composition, incorporating mournful whistles and elements of mimicry. Softer and more tuneful than the crested lark's call, it can be heard from the ground, in flight, or perched visibly.


Thekla's lark's breeding habits involve nesting on the ground, where it lays its eggs and feeds its young primarily on insects.

Similar Species

Thekla's lark can be confused with the crested lark, but careful observation of size, plumage, and underwing coloration during flight can aid in differentiation.

Diet and Feeding

A diet of weed seeds and insects sustains Thekla's lark, with a preference for the latter during the breeding season to provide for its offspring.

Conservation status

Despite a declining population in Spain, Thekla's lark is considered a species of "Least Concern" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, thanks to its wide range and commonality.

Thekla's Lark Sounds

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