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Melanesian Megapode

Megapodius eremita

The Melanesian megapode, also known as the Melanesian scrubfowl (Megapodius eremita), is a stout-bodied bird with notably large feet and rounded wings. It is characterized by a short tail, which gives it a distinctive silhouette, and a short crest. Adult birds typically measure between 34 to 39 cm in length.

Identification Tips

Adult Melanesian megapodes exhibit a brown back, dark grey head, neck, and underparts, and legs that may be brown, grey, or olive-colored. They have red patches of bare skin on their faces, particularly on the forehead, and a yellow bill-tip. The plumage of chicks is dark brown with paler underparts and barring on their upperparts. The species shows some variation in appearance across its range, with eastern populations being lighter and more red-brown in color.


The Melanesian megapode inhabits a variety of habitats, including lowland rainforests with large trees and an open understorey. It requires specific conditions for breeding, such as sandy beaches, geothermal sites, or soils with decaying organic matter.


This bird is endemic to islands within Melanesia, including the Bismarck Archipelago and Solomon Islands. It is fairly common, though its presence varies throughout its range.


The Melanesian megapode is thought to be socially monogamous, with nesting strategies that rely on environmental heat sources for egg incubation. It uses either burrows or mounds for nesting, depending on the availability of heat from sources like decomposition, volcanism, or sunshine.

Song & Calls

The species is vocal both day and night, with males producing territorial calls that include honking, wailing, and grunting sounds. Duets between paired birds are thought to strengthen pair bonds.


Females lay approximately 10 to 30 eggs per year, with intervals of two to 15 days between each egg. Breeding and egg-laying can be either year-round or seasonal, depending on the location. The eggs are large with a high yolk content, and incubation lasts between six and ten weeks.

Similar Species

The Melanesian megapode can be distinguished from other species within its range by its stout shape, short tail, and short head crest. It can be differentiated from the New Guinea scrubfowl by its shorter crest and bare forehead.

Diet and Feeding

Omnivorous, the Melanesian megapode feeds on fruits, seeds, and small invertebrates. It forages by scratching the forest floor with its large feet and searching for food items in the leaf litter.

Conservation status

The Melanesian megapode is currently classified as Least Concern by the IUCN. However, changes in human activity, such as growing populations and commercial logging, may pose threats to its viability.

Relationship with Humans

The Melanesian megapode is culturally significant for Indigenous peoples in Melanesia, who have traditionally harvested its eggs for food and trade. Conservation efforts may benefit from collaboration between scientists and Indigenous communities to manage resources sustainably.

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