Seram Mountain Pigeon

Gymnophaps stalkeri

The Seram mountain pigeon (Gymnophaps stalkeri) is a species of bird in the pigeon family Columbidae that is endemic to the island of Seram in Indonesia, where it inhabits hill forest. It was long considered to be a subspecies of the Buru mountain pigeon, but was split on the basis of differences in appearance. It is a medium-sized pigeon with a buff-pink face and breast, wine-pink underparts, a grey nape, crown, back of neck, and thighs, and dark chestnut belly and underside of the tail. The Seram mountain pigeon is a medium-sized pigeon that is 33–38.5 cm long and weighs 330–338 g. It has a deep buff-pink face and breast, paler on the chin, changing to wine-pink on the underparts. The thighs are grey and the nape, crown, and back of neck are pale, pure blue-grey, while the belly and underside of the tail are dark chestnut with wine-grey fringes to the feathers. The eyes are scarlet to yellow with purplish red to scarlet orbital skin, the bill is yellow with a purple cere, and the legs are purple. Juveniles have browner upperparts, have browner underparts, and are darker below the tail. They also have dull red orbital skin, dull red legs, and a white-tipped grey bill with a dull red cere.
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