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A photo of a Speckled Pigeon (Columba guinea)
Speckled Pigeon

Speckled Pigeon

Columba guinea

The Speckled Pigeon, known scientifically as Columba guinea, is a robust avian resident of Africa, south of the Sahara. This species is often seen in open habitats and is recognized by its rufous back and wings, which are adorned with a multitude of white speckles. The pigeon's head is a subtle grey, accented with striking red patches encircling the eyes, while the neck displays a brownish hue interlaced with white streaks. The legs of this bird are a vivid red, adding a dash of color to its otherwise muted blue-grey plumage. Both sexes appear similar, with the immature birds presenting a browner plumage and lacking the distinctive red eye patches.

Identification Tips

When identifying the Speckled Pigeon, look for its large size, measuring at 41 cm in length. The white speckles on the rufous wings are a key feature, along with the red eye patches in adults. The bird's flight is characterized by quick, regular beats interspersed with occasional sharp flicks of the wings, typical of pigeons.


This pigeon favors open habitats and is commonly found in proximity to human settlements and cultivated lands.


The Speckled Pigeon boasts a widespread presence across much of Africa, though its distribution does exhibit significant gaps. It is a resident breeder in the region, ensuring its regular sighting throughout the year.


The Speckled Pigeon is a sociable bird, often gathering in large flocks where food sources such as grain or groundnuts are abundant. It has adapted well to human environments, frequently seen around habitation and cultivation.

Song & Calls

The vocalization of the Speckled Pigeon is a resonant and unmistakable "doo-doo-doo," which can be heard echoing across its habitat.


Breeding pairs construct large stick nests on protected rocky outcrops, and within urban settings, they may nest atop covered pergola pillars or under deep eaves on flat roofs. The pigeon lays a clutch of two white eggs.

Diet and Feeding

The diet of the Speckled Pigeon is primarily vegetable matter. It is known to feed in large numbers in areas where grains and groundnuts are readily available.

Conservation status

The Speckled Pigeon is currently listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, indicating that it does not face any significant threats to its population at this time.

Speckled Pigeon Sounds

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Speckled Pigeon Fun Facts

Did you know?
Speckled Pigeons have been known to travel up to 15 miles to find a suitable foraging location.

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