Rufescent Imperial Pigeon

Ducula chalconota

The Rufescent Imperial Pigeon (Ducula chalconota), also known as the Shining Imperial Pigeon, is a rare species in the world of birds. According to The International Union for Conservative, this species is relatively unknown, and their concern is very minimal. The Union describes that this species is very stable and does not encounter threats from other species. The trait of stability is vital in differentiating The Rufescent Imperial Pigeon from the other species confronting threats. This bird in specific does not frequently encounter threats because they are more reserved, quiet birds that tend to remain alone in their habitat. The habitat of these birds allows them to have the frequency of being independent but also gives them the chance to be with other birds. Rooting from the bird family in Columbidae, that also consists of pigeons and doves. In which this family is known for being frugivorous, meaning it primarily feeds on fruit, figs, and seeds.
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