Elegant Imperial Pigeon

Ducula concinna

The elegant imperial pigeon (Ducula concinna), also known as blue-tailed imperial-pigeon, is a large pigeon, with upperparts mainly dark blue-green in colour with an iridescent sheen. Head, neck and underparts are mostly pale grey, with red-brown undertail coverts. The elegant imperial pigeon is a large pigeon, measuring 43 cm in length. The head, neck, and upper back are pale grey, with a pink tinge on the nape and back of the crown. The rest of the upperparts are shimmering dark green, while the top of the tail is purplish-blue, sometimes appearing black. The underparts are pale grey with a pink tinge, while the undertail coverts are reddish-brown. The undersides of the tail and wing are black. The bill is black or bluish-grey, with a ring of white feathers at its base, the iris is golden, and the feet are pinkish-red to crimson. Both sexes are similar, but females have darker grey and pink colours. Juveniles are duller than adults. The elegant imperial pigeon's call is a loud, throaty, barking urrauw, made at variable intervals. These are interspersed with low-pitched, loud, upslurred growls. These growls are often produced after another individual has given the bark.
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