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A photo of a Black-naped Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus melanospilus), male
Black-naped Fruit Dove, Male

Black-naped Fruit Dove

Ptilinopus melanospilus

The Black-naped Fruit Dove, also known as the Black-headed Fruit Dove, is a medium-sized bird, measuring up to 24 cm in length. The male is adorned with a pale grey head, a distinctive black nape, and a vibrant yellow throat. Its undertail coverts are a striking golden yellow and pink. In contrast, the female and young birds display an entirely green plumage, blending seamlessly with the foliage.

Identification Tips

To identify the male Black-naped Fruit Dove, look for its grey head and the black patch on the nape. The yellow throat is another key feature. Females and juveniles can be more challenging to distinguish but are notable for their uniform green coloration.


This species thrives in the lowland and hill forests, where it finds the dense canopy to be an ideal environment.


The Black-naped Fruit Dove is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Within Indonesia, it can be found across Java, the Lesser Sunda Islands, and Sulawesi.

Diet and Feeding

The diet of the Black-naped Fruit Dove primarily consists of a variety of fruits, with a particular fondness for figs and berries.


The female typically lays a single white egg, a precious investment in the next generation.

Conservation status

The Black-naped Fruit Dove is classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, indicating a stable population across its widespread range.

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David C
Very knowledgeable group
Nice friendly birding community. Very knowledgeable group with a willingness to help.
Hip An
Really enjoying Birda where I live i have a lot of Red kites really hard to photograph but I can video are you planning some place on the app where us Birda can post vids🦉🦅
Stewart W
Fantastic to be involved
Fantastic to be involved, great for mental health and gets you responding with the Challenges that are to takd part in.
Fantastic App
This is a really lovely app, for everyone interested in birds - from newbies to old hands. There is a very friendly feel to the community and you will genuinely learn a lot as you record your sightings and photos. There are lots of badges and competitions to keep you engaged, and a host of really useful features.
Loving it
I really enjoy being able to interact with other birders on this platform! This seems like a great way to meet other birders and find some new spots.
Safira V
Birding and wellbeing app
Birda is an excellent platform to share your love of Birding and is a great tool of encouragement for a Birding Beginner like me. Birda has a very kind and supportive community of Birding enthusiasts. For me BIRDA is not only a BIRDING but also a WELLBEING App.
Fantastic app - Love it!
Love this app and have used it almost daily. Lots of species information and easy to use. Love seeing birds spotted by other users in the UK and worldwide.
Carl B
Helped me to identify more birds
Love this app and has helped me to identify more birds. The challenges and badges are great for keeping the motivation going to get out and keep birding.
Nick S
Work together with community
Been loving using this app to log my bird sightings and work together with community members to identify different birds. I've already learned a lot since I started about a month ago!
Wonderful App
Birda is my go to app for keeping records of my bird sightings and sessions. It has fantastic information which is great at aiding identification. With all the updates that are coming in the new year, this app is something special.
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