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Pin-tailed Green Pigeon

Treron apicauda

The Pin-tailed Green Pigeon, a medium-sized dove, presents a striking figure in its native Southeast Asian forests. Males, larger than females, range from 32 to 36 centimeters in length, while females measure around 28 centimeters. The species is adorned in a yellow-green plumage, with males boasting a golden breast tinged with pink hues. Their central tail feathers are a bluish-gray, and the undertail-coverts exhibit a rich chestnut color. A blue orbital ring and bill, with a lighter green or yellow tip, complement their bright reddish-pink legs and feet. Females, in contrast, are a more subdued yellow with significantly shorter central tail feathers and less vibrant undertail-coverts.

Identification Tips

To identify the Pin-tailed Green Pigeon, look for the distinctive coloration and size differences between sexes. The male's golden-pink breast and the female's duller yellow hue are key identifiers. The blue orbital ring and bill, along with the chestnut undertail-coverts, are also characteristic of this species.


This pigeon favors secondary growth and forest habitats, ranging from foothill forests to subtropical and tropical dry forests, and even evergreen rainforests. It is typically found at elevations from sea level up to 1800 meters.


The bird's range extends across Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Pin-tailed Green Pigeons exhibit both resident and nomadic tendencies, with movements influenced by the availability of food resources. In central Vietnam, for instance, they descend to lower elevations during the dry season to take advantage of fruiting trees.

Song & calls

The species' vocalizations include a soft whistling 'ku-koo', often heard in pairs, and a high-pitched 'doo!' call. In flight, their feathers produce a distinctive whirring sound.


Breeding occurs in the Himalayan foothills during April, May, and June, while in other Southeast Asian regions, it may happen year-round. The female lays two white eggs in a twig nest, typically situated 5-6 meters above ground in bamboo thickets, trees, or shrubs. Both parents share in incubation and feeding of the young.

Diet and Feeding

A frugivorous diet predominates, with the pigeons feeding acrobatically on fruits and berries. They are gregarious, forming flocks of 10-30 individuals, and have been observed visiting ground-level salt licks.

Conservation status

As of 2018, the IUCN has classified the Pin-tailed Green Pigeon as Least Concern, although the population trend appears to be decreasing. The species is generally considered common within its range, but sightings can be sporadic. It is scarce in Thailand and reported as very rare in Bangladesh.

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