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Labrador Duck

Camptorhynchus labradorius

The Labrador duck, Camptorhynchus labradorius, an enigmatic species, was the first endemic North American bird to succumb to extinction post-Columbian Exchange. The male's plumage was a striking piebald of black and white, akin to eiders, with entirely white wings save for the primaries. Females donned a more subdued grey, with a scoter-like pattern. Both sexes possessed an oblong head with small eyes, a bill nearly as long as the head, and a short, rounded tail. The species was monotypic, belonging to its own unique genus.

Identification Tips

To identify the Labrador duck, one would look for the male's distinctive black and white plumage and the female's grey, weakly patterned feathers. The bird's oblong head, lengthy bill, and short, rounded tail were also key characteristics. Unfortunately, this knowledge now serves only historical interest, as the species has vanished from our skies.


The Labrador duck was a migratory bird, wintering along the sandy coasts, bays, and inlets of New Jersey and New England, and breeding in the summer months in Labrador and northern Quebec. Its preference for shallow waters and sandy environments was notable.


This duck's range was limited to the North Atlantic American coast, a factor that may have contributed to its difficulty in adapting to changing environments.

Diet and Feeding

The Labrador duck's diet consisted primarily of small molluscs, which it likely foraged for in silt and shallow waters. Its bill was uniquely adapted for this task, being wide, flattened, and equipped with numerous lamellae for sifting through sediment.


The last confirmed sighting of the Labrador duck was in 1878. Its extinction remains a mystery, though it was not heavily hunted due to its unpalatable taste. Overharvesting of eggs, the feather trade, and industrial impacts on its coastal habitat, leading to a decline in shellfish populations, are all speculated to have played a role in its demise.

Conservation status

The Labrador duck is classified as Extinct by the IUCN and NatureServe, with no confirmed sightings since the late 19th century. It stands as a somber reminder of the fragility of species and the impacts of human activity on the natural world.

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