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A photo of a Brazilian Teal (Amazonetta brasiliensis), male
Brazilian Teal, Male

Brazilian Teal

Amazonetta brasiliensis

The Brazilian teal, or Brazilian duck, is a charming avian species with a light brown plumage. The drakes, or males, are particularly striking with their red beaks and legs, and a pale grey patch gracing the side of their heads and necks. Females, while similar in coloration, have notably duller limbs and lack the drake's distinctive grey area.

Identification Tips

To identify the Brazilian teal, look for the light brown coloration and the red beak and legs on the males. The pale grey patch on the male's head and neck is a key distinguishing feature. Females are similar but have less vibrant limb coloration and lack the grey patch.


These teals favor freshwater environments away from the coast, where dense vegetation provides cover and nesting opportunities.


The Brazilian teal has a wide distribution across eastern South America. It can be found from central Brazil to Uruguay, northern and eastern Argentina, Paraguay, central Venezuela, northeastern Peru, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, eastern Bolivia, and eastern Colombia.


Brazilian teals are sociable birds, often seen in pairs or small flocks of up to twenty individuals. Both parents are involved in rearing their young, a testament to their cooperative nature.

Diet and Feeding

The diet of the Brazilian teal consists of seeds, fruits, roots, and insects. Ducklings, however, focus exclusively on an insect-based diet during their early stages of development.

Conservation status

The Brazilian teal is currently abundant in its range and has been classified as Least Concern, indicating a stable population without immediate threats to its survival.

Similar Species

While the Brazilian teal is unique in its genus, it was once considered a perching duck. It shares its South American habitat with other dabbling ducks such as the crested duck and the bronze-winged duck, and possibly the steamer ducks. However, its distinctive coloration and red beak and legs in males make it distinguishable from these relatives.

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