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A photo of a Ruddy Quail-Dove (Geotrygon montana), female
Ruddy Quail-Dove, Female

Ruddy Quail-Dove

Geotrygon montana

The Ruddy Quail-Dove, a bird of modest size, measures between 19 to 28 centimeters in length. Its plumage is a rich tapestry of earthy hues, with a rust-colored back, facial mask, and wings that evoke the warmth of the forest floor. The breast and rump are adorned in a lighter shade of brown, complemented by an understated undereye stripe.

Identification Tips

When attempting to identify this elusive bird, look for its distinctive rust-colored back and facial mask, which set it apart from its surroundings. The lighter brown of its breast and rump, along with the subtle undereye stripe, are also key characteristics to observe.


The Ruddy Quail-Dove thrives in a variety of woodland environments, including scrub forests and, intriguingly, has shown a remarkable adaptability to coffee plantations. However, it exhibits a certain vulnerability to the effects of forest fragmentation.


This species has a broad breeding range that encompasses the West Indies, Central America, and tropical South America. It has also been recorded as a vagrant in Florida and southern Texas.


These ground foragers are predominantly seed eaters, though their diet is occasionally supplemented with small invertebrates. Their foraging habits are a testament to their adaptability and resourcefulness.


The Ruddy Quail-Dove is known to lay a clutch of two buff-colored eggs, which are delicately placed on a flimsy platform constructed within a shrub. Some pairs may choose to nest directly on the ground, a strategy that speaks to their versatility.

Similar Species

While there may be other species with which the Ruddy Quail-Dove could be confused, its unique coloration and habitat preferences often aid in its identification.

Diet and Feeding

The diet of the Ruddy Quail-Dove is primarily composed of seeds, which it forages from the forest floor. This diet is occasionally enriched with the inclusion of small invertebrates, providing a balanced nutritional intake.

Conservation status

The Ruddy Quail-Dove is currently classified as Least Concern by the IUCN, indicating that, for now, this species does not face an immediate threat of extinction in the wild.

Ruddy Quail-Dove Sounds

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