A photo of a Diamond Dove (Geopelia cuneata)
Diamond Dove

Diamond Dove

Geopelia cuneata

The diamond dove (Geopelia cuneata) is a resident bird in Australia. The dove predominantly exists in areas near water but which are lightly arid or semi-arid in nature, being Central, West and Northern Australia. They are one of Australia's smallest pigeons along with the peaceful dove. They have been spotted occasionally in Southern Australia in parks and gardens when the centre of Australia is very dry. They are small pigeons with a length of 19 to 21 cm. Regardless of sex, they have white spots and black edges on their wings, red eyes and orange eye-rings. The sexes look similar except the female's eye ring is less vivid and has more of a brown colour to the plumage. The male's head, neck, and breast are light blue-grey. The bill is a dark grey colour. The abdomen is a creamy colour while the back and tail is a brown-grey colour. The legs and feet are pink. The juveniles have a light grey bill; the iris and eye ring is fawn in colour; the feet and legs are grey; the breast is grey and does not possess any white spots on their wings. Regardless of its astoundingly small size, it has a great tolerance to high heat levels due to adaptations in body temperature, metabolism, respiration, water balance, and behaviour
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A map showing the sighting location
Matthew Egan
Saturday 01 Oct 2022 - 12:42pm
A photo of a Diamond Dove photographed in Portal de San Nicolás Spain
Profile picture for S A P
Saturday 27 Aug 2022 - 6:25pm
A map showing the sighting location
Kelly Siderio
Wednesday 29 Jun 2022 - 7:04am
A map showing the sighting location
Jamie BT
Monday 01 Jan 1900 - 12:00am
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