Flock Bronzewing

Phaps histrionica

The flock bronzewing (Phaps histrionica), also known as the flock pigeon, harlequin bronzewing and the harlequin pigeon is a species of pigeon in the family Columbidae. It is endemic to drier parts of Australia. The flock bronzewing is the most nomadic of the Australian pigeons, and it is difficult to mistake for other Australian species. Fully grown flock bronzewings can range in length from 28–30.5 cm with a wing length of 18.9–21.6 cm. Its weight can range from 260–320 g. The adult male's head is black except for the white forehead, patch on lower throat, and white line that runs from behind the eye almost enclosing ear coverts forming a broken ring. The upperparts and wings are a reddish sandy brown. The primary coverts and alula are grey with white margins. The primaries are grey with chestnut inner webs; all but the outer three are tipped white. The secondaries are grey except for the inner secondaries, which have a chestnut inner web. The iris is dark brown and the bill is black. The upper section including the crown and forehead are sandy-brown in adult females. The black and white chin, face and throat markings are very dull compared to the male. There is a sandy-brown section across the foreneck and another difference is that the primaries are not tipped white. Juveniles look most similar to the adult females, but have some differences such as missing or less distinct facial markings; the primaries and some secondaries are tipped brown and the bill is horn- coloured.
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