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A photo of a Falcated Duck (Mareca falcata), male
Falcated Duck, Male

Falcated Duck

Mareca falcata

The Falcated Duck, or Falcated Teal (Mareca falcata), is a medium-sized dabbling duck that graces the east Palearctic with its presence. This species exhibits a striking sexual dimorphism; the male is adorned with long, sickle-shaped tertials that cascade elegantly off its back, earning the species its name. The male's plumage is a tapestry of finely vermiculated grey, set against a dark green head with a bronzed crown and a white throat. The female, in contrast, is cloaked in a more subdued dark brown, akin to a female wigeon, with a long grey bill to distinguish her.

Identification Tips

The male Falcated Duck is unmistakable in breeding plumage, with its unique long, sickle-shaped tertials and vermiculated grey body. The female can be identified by her dark brown plumage and long grey bill. Both sexes, when in flight, reveal pale grey underwings and a blackish speculum bordered by a white bar on the inner edge. Juveniles resemble the female but are generally paler with shorter tertials.


The Falcated Duck favors lowland wetlands, such as water meadows or lakes, and is often found dabbling for plant food or grazing in these environments.


This species breeds in eastern Asia, including parts of Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, China, and Japan. It migrates to spend winters in Southeast Asia, reaching as far as northeastern India. The Falcated Duck is also known to appear as a rare vagrant in North America and Europe.


Outside the breeding season, the Falcated Duck is highly gregarious, forming large flocks. It is a migratory species with a broad range, estimated to be between 1,000,000 and 10,000,000 square kilometers.

Song & Calls

The male's call is a shrill whistle, while the female emits a hoarse quack and a high-pitched, decrescendo call. These vocalizations are typically heard within their breeding territories.


The Falcated Duck's breeding ritual is complex, with the female using inciting calls and the male displaying a variety of courtship behaviors. They form monogamous pairs for the season, with the female laying 6-10 eggs in nests hidden in dense vegetation near water. Incubation is solely the female's responsibility and lasts approximately 24-25 days.

Similar Species

The Falcated Duck may be confused with the Eurasian Wigeon or other dabbling ducks, but its unique male plumage and the female's long grey bill are distinctive features that aid in identification.

Diet and Feeding

These ducks are primarily herbivorous, feeding on vegetation, seeds, grains, and nuts, as well as small invertebrates like larvae, crustaceans, and mollusks. They play a role in seed dispersal and are also hosts to various parasites.

Conservation Status

The Falcated Duck is classified as Near Threatened by the IUCN. Primary threats include hunting and habitat loss due to wetland drainage. Conservation efforts are focused on monitoring populations, regulating hunting, and improving habitat management in protected areas.

Proposed Actions

Conservationists propose to continue population monitoring, advocate for hunting regulations, educate about waterfowl conservation, seek alternative employment for hunters, and enhance the management of nature reserves where the Falcated Duck resides.

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