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A photo of a Streaked Weaver (Ploceus manyar), male
Streaked Weaver, Male

Streaked Weaver

Ploceus manyar

The Streaked Weaver, Ploceus manyar, is a captivating species of weaver bird adorned with a distinctive streaked underpart. This bird is less commonly encountered than its relative, the Baya Weaver.

Identification Tips

In breeding plumage, the male Streaked Weaver is a sight to behold, with its striking patterns and colors. Outside of the breeding season, the male adopts a more subdued non-breeding plumage, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings.


These weavers favor the reed beds, where they can be found in small colonies, often in close proximity to water bodies—a testament to their preference for wetland ecosystems.


The Streaked Weaver graces a wide range of countries across South Asia and South-east Asia, including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and has also been introduced to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.


The Streaked Weaver is a sociable bird, nesting in colonies that offer both safety and community. Their nests, a testament to their intricate craftsmanship, are often constructed in the shelter of reed beds.

Conservation status

The IUCN Red List categorizes the Streaked Weaver as Least Concern, indicating a stable population that does not currently face significant threats to its survival.

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Murari Varma
23 Jan 2024 - 1:28am

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A photo of a Thick-billed Weaver (Amblyospiza albifrons) , male

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Just what birding needs
We need more fun in birding, for years it has had a reputation for being up tight and stuffy and only perused by retirees and anoraks. Birda helps change that perception and firmly brings birding into the 21st century! Fun, interactive while still contributing to science and conservation. If you aren’t on it, why not??
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I enjoy watching birds in my backyard, but this app helped me really pay attention while on vacation this summer. It was fun to add new birds to my bird watching app.
Gets me outdoors more
I'm still loving this app. I use it most days & gets me outdoors more. Enjoying watching others progress and photo's, it's improved my wellbeing.... I love this app! I can keep a record of sightings and see what others have seen too.
David C
Very knowledgeable group
Nice friendly birding community. Very knowledgeable group with a willingness to help.
Really great app
It’s easy to use and it’s fun to log the birds you notice on a walk or just in your garden. There’s a option to record the birds you see in a session which is really nice. Good excuse to stop for a while and just watch birds. I am also enjoying the information part where you can find out fact about birds from all over the world.
Patricia L
Very encouraging birding app
Easy to use, fun to see progress and encouraging to receive feedback from other users.
Talli A
My favourite app
As a young birdwatcher who was always keen to be apart of a community but never seemed to find one, my problem was solved downloading this!!! Everyone is so friendly and just as excited to see birds as me 😁
Nick S
Work together with community
Been loving using this app to log my bird sightings and work together with community members to identify different birds. I've already learned a lot since I started about a month ago!
Great App
Great app to use for logging and communicating with others who are interested in birds
Simply fantastic
I love this app, it puts so much fun into recording the birds I’ve seen and heard while I’m out and about. The interface is user-friendly and suitable for all ages. It’s great to collect badges and to review my “lists”.
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