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A photo of a Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus)
Javan Myna

Javan Myna

Acridotheres javanicus

The Javan myna, Acridotheres javanicus, also known as the white-vented myna, is a striking member of the starling family. This bird is predominantly black with a notable short crest adorning its forehead. Its wings are a brownish-black, with the primaries boasting white bases that reveal a distinctive white wing bar in flight, complemented by a white tail bar. The bird's underparts are graced with white undertail-coverts. Adding a splash of color to its appearance, the Javan myna has a yellow beak, legs, and feet, and its eyes are a vivid lemon-yellow. The immature birds present a browner hue. An adult typically measures between 21–23 cm in length and weighs around 100 grams.

Identification Tips

When identifying the Javan myna, look for the white accents on the wing and tail during flight, the short crest on the forehead, and the bright yellow coloration of the beak, legs, and eyes. The juveniles may appear browner compared to the adults.


The Javan myna is indigenous to Bali and Java but has expanded its range to various regions, including southeastern Thailand, southern Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, the Lesser Sundas, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Japan, and Nepal. It thrives in urban environments and cultivated landscapes.


Originally from Bali and Java, this adaptable bird has been introduced far and wide, now residing in parts of Southeast Asia and even as distant as Puerto Rico.


An omnivorous creature, the Javan myna has a diet that includes seeds, fruit, nectar, insects, and human refuse. It is a sociable bird, often seen in large flocks. Its vocalizations bear resemblance to those of the common myna. The species is known for its boldness and relative lack of fear towards humans. In Malaysia and Indonesia, these birds are sometimes kept in cages. When foraging, they typically do so in groups, with one individual keeping watch while the others feed. If danger is perceived, the lookout emits a high-pitched tweet to alert the group, prompting a swift departure. Separated individuals may call out to attract others of their kind.

Song & calls

The Javan myna's vocalizations are similar to the common myna, and it uses a high-pitched tweet as an alarm call.


Nests are constructed within cavities, and the eggs laid by the Javan myna are described as bluish-glaucous.

Similar Species

The Javan myna may be confused with the great myna (Acridotheres grandis) or the jungle myna (A. fuscus), but can be distinguished by its white wing and tail bars, as well as its yellow beak and legs.

Diet and Feeding

The Javan myna is an opportunistic feeder, consuming a wide range of food from seeds and fruits to nectar and insects, as well as taking advantage of human waste.

Conservation status

The Javan myna is currently classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, indicating that it faces a high risk of endangerment in the wild.

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