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Veracruz Wren

Campylorhynchus rufinucha

The Veracruz wren, a member of the Troglodytidae family, is a songbird with a distinctive appearance. The adult boasts a blackish crown, lores, and eyestripe, contrasted by a striking white supercilium. Its nape and back are adorned with a rich chestnut hue, while the shoulders are marked with black and white streaks. The tail is a muted gray-brown, accented with darker bars and a white tip. The bird's underparts are equally attractive, with a white chin and throat, a pale buff chest speckled with brown, and a belly of a deeper buff shade, subtly barred with blackish marks on the flanks. Juveniles share a similar pattern but present a buffy white supercilium, a more subdued cinnamon back, and less pronounced back markings.

Identification Tips

When attempting to identify the Veracruz wren, look for the characteristic blackish crown and eyestripe, as well as the white supercilium. The chestnut back and streaked shoulders are also key features. The bird's size and coloration, along with its distinctive markings, make it identifiable within its range.


This bird is native to the lowland dry tropical forests of central Veracruz and parts of north-central Oaxaca. It thrives in arid and semi-arid regions but is also known to adapt to human-altered landscapes and coastal mangroves.


The Veracruz wren is an endemic species to Mexico, with its presence primarily concentrated in central Veracruz state and marginally extending into north-central Oaxaca.


The Veracruz wren is an insectivorous bird, preying on a variety of insects found within its habitat.


Information on the breeding habits of the Veracruz wren is scarce. However, it is known to construct a globular nest featuring a side entrance, a common trait among its genus.


The Veracruz wren communicates through song and calls. Recordings of its song and calls can be found online, providing valuable auditory cues for identification in the field.

Conservation status

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified the Veracruz wren as Least Concern. Although the population size has not been quantified since the species was recognized as distinct, it is suspected to be stable, with no significant declines or threats currently identified.

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