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Little Crow

Corvus bennetti

The Little Crow, known scientifically as Corvus bennetti, is a modestly sized Australian crow species. It bears a close resemblance to the Torresian crow, particularly notable when the wind ruffles their feathers, revealing white bases at the neck and head. This bird is somewhat smaller, measuring between 38 to 45 centimeters in length, and sports a marginally less robust bill. A distinctive feature among Australian crows is the white iris, encircled by a blue ring around the pupil, a trait shared with a few island species to the north of Australia and the Eurasian jackdaw.

Identification Tips

When observing the Little Crow, look for its white iris, which sets it apart from other Corvus species, save for a select few. The bird's overall plumage is black, and when ruffled, the white bases of the feathers become visible. Its size is slightly smaller than other crows, and the bill is less pronounced.


The Little Crow is an inhabitant of western and central Australia, often found in arid or near-desert environments. It is also a common sight in small country towns and cultivated regions.


This species has a range that encompasses the vast expanses of western and central Australia, where it has adapted to the harsh, dry conditions.


In the wild, Little Crows may be seen foraging on the ground in search of sustenance. They are known to form small, loose colonies, a social structure that is somewhat less common among other crow species.

Diet and Feeding

The diet of the Little Crow is primarily composed of insects, cereals, and other seeds picked from the ground. Unlike the Torresian crow, it is less inclined to scavenge.


Unique among Australian corvids, the Little Crow constructs its nests from sticks and lines them with mud. These nests are often found in small colonies.


The vocalizations of the Little Crow range from a harsh "hark-hark-hark-hark" to sounds more reminiscent of a raven, such as "ah-ah-ah."

Conservation status

The Little Crow is currently classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, indicating that it does not face any immediate threats to its survival on a global scale.

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