Kashmir Nutcracker

Nucifraga multipunctata

The Kashmir nutcracker or large-spotted nutcracker (Nucifraga multipunctata) is a passerine bird related to the spotted nutcracker. Until recently, it was considered a subspecies. It is found in the western Himalayas. It is a distinctive corvid with heavily streaked and spotted plumage. They are usually 32–35 cm in length. They have a wing length of 19.5–21.2 cm, with a weight of 155–173 g for females and 165–177 g for males. It has a blackish crown and nape, with the sides of the head and the body plumage being blackish gray-brown. The body has heavy white streaking, spotting, and striping. Although the bird looks whitish from a distance, the breast and flanks show more brown than the rest of the body, also having more bold spotting. The wings are glossy black, with white tips on the coverts and secondaries. The tail is also glossy black and has white tips on all the rectrices. The vents and undertail coverts are completely white in colour. The bill is relatively slim, conical, pointed, and black in color.
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