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Frill-necked Monarch

Arses lorealis

The Frill-necked Monarch, scientifically known as Arses lorealis, is a diminutive and striking songbird, measuring approximately 14 cm in length. The male of the species is particularly notable for its contrasting black and white plumage and the distinctive frill of neck feathers that can be raised, lending the bird its name. The female is similarly patterned but with subtle differences, including white lores and chin.

Identification Tips

To identify the Frill-necked Monarch, look for its all-white breast, which sets it apart from the Pied Monarch that sports a broad black breast band. The bird's throat, nape, shoulders, and rump are white, while the wings and head are black. A ring of bare skin and a bright blue wattle surround the eye, and the bill is a pale blue-grey, with dark eyes completing the visage.


This species is a denizen of the lush rainforests, favoring both tropical moist lowland and montane forests for its habitat.


Endemic to the northern Cape York Peninsula in Australia, the Frill-necked Monarch's range extends from the peninsula's tip southwest to Weipa and southeast to the Iron Range and Coen.


The breeding season for the Frill-necked Monarch spans from November to February. During this time, they produce a single brood. Their nests are artfully constructed shallow cups made of vines and sticks, bound with spider webs and plant material, and adorned with lichen. These nests are typically placed on hanging vines, well away from the trunk or foliage, at heights ranging from 2 to 10 meters above the ground. The clutch usually consists of two pink-tinged oval white eggs, splotched with lavender and reddish-brown, each measuring 19 mm by 14 mm.

Conservation Status

The Frill-necked Monarch is currently classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, indicating that, at present, there are no immediate threats to its population numbers.

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