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A photo of a Striated Thornbill (Acanthiza lineata)
Striated Thornbill

Striated Thornbill

Acanthiza lineata

The Striated Thornbill, a diminutive avian species, presents a charming appearance with its russet or orange-brown crown adorned with cream streaks. Its upperparts are a dull yellow-olive, transitioning to olive-grey flanks, and its underparts are cream, boldly streaked with black. This petite bird measures a mere 9-10 centimeters in length and tips the scales at approximately 7 grams.

Identification Tips

When attempting to identify the Striated Thornbill, look for its distinctive white-streaked orange-brown cap, a feature that sets it apart from its cousin, the Brown Thornbill, which lacks this cap and prefers shrub habitats.


The Striated Thornbill is a denizen of subtropical or tropical dry forests, where it flits among the foliage.


This species is endemic to Australia, with its presence confined to the southeastern regions of the continent.


Outside the breeding season, Striated Thornbills congregate in flocks ranging from 7 to 20 individuals. As the breeding season approaches, these flocks disperse into smaller groups, often consisting of a breeding pair and additional helper birds.

Song & Calls

The vocal repertoire of the Striated Thornbill has not been detailed here.


During the breeding season, Striated Thornbills form small groups, which include a breeding pair and sometimes helper birds that assist in raising the young.

Similar Species

The Brown Thornbill (A. pusilla) bears a resemblance to the Striated Thornbill but can be distinguished by the absence of the white-streaked orange-brown cap.

Diet and Feeding

An insectivorous bird, the Striated Thornbill predominantly forages in the canopy of eucalypt trees, gleaning leaves for prey. It exhibits an acrobatic feeding style, often hanging upside-down. Additionally, it feeds on extra-floral nectaries of the sunshine wattle, inadvertently assisting in the plant's pollination.

Conservation status

The Striated Thornbill is currently classified as Least Concern by the IUCN, indicating a stable population without significant threats at this time.

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A photo of a Inland Thornbill (Acanthiza apicalis)

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