Black-capped Paradise Kingfisher

Tanysiptera nigriceps

The black-capped paradise kingfisher (Tanysiptera nigriceps) or black-headed paradise kingfisher, is a bird in the tree kingfisher subfamily, Halcyoninae. It is native to several islands in the Bismarck Archipelago to the east of New Guinea. Like all paradise kingfishers, this bird has colourful plumage with a red bill and long distinctive tail streamers. The black-capped paradise kingfisher is 35–48 cm in overall length including the tail streamers and weighs from 43 to 74 g. The sexes are alike. The adult of the nominate race has a black head, nape, ear-coverts and scapulars. The mantle, rump and two central tail feathers are white. The wings and outer tail feathers are blue. The underparts are a pale yellowish buff. The bill and feet are orange. The subspecies T. s. leucura differs only in having completely white tail feathers.
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