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Swinhoe's Snipe

Gallinago megala

The Swinhoe's snipe, known scientifically as Gallinago megala, is a medium-sized wader with a notable long bill. It measures approximately 27 to 29 centimeters in length, with a wingspan stretching from 38 to 44 centimeters, and weighs around 120 grams. This migratory species is also referred to as the forest snipe or Chinese snipe.

Identification Tips

A member of the Gallinago genus, the Swinhoe's snipe is adorned with a cryptic pattern of black, brown, buff, and white across its plumage. While it shares this characteristic with other snipes, distinguishing it from Latham's and pin-tailed snipe in the field can be quite challenging. In South Korea, it is colloquially known as cho suekyung.


During the breeding season, Swinhoe's snipe favors forest glades and meadows. Outside of breeding times, it can be found in a variety of shallow freshwater wetlands, including paddy fields and sewage farms. These habitats provide the bare mud or shallow water it requires for feeding, with nearby vegetation offering essential cover.


The breeding grounds of Swinhoe's snipe are primarily located in central and southern Siberia and Mongolia. Post-breeding, the entire population migrates to spend the non-breeding season in regions such as eastern and southern India, Sri Lanka, south-eastern China, South-East Asia, and New Guinea. Migration sightings have been recorded in eastern China and occasionally Japan, with Australian sightings mainly in the Top End of the Northern Territory and north-western Western Australia.


Males of the species engage in display flights and produce a drumming sound as part of their breeding behavior.

Diet and Feeding

The diet of Swinhoe's snipe consists mainly of small invertebrates, including earthworms, mollusks, and insects, which they forage for in their wetland habitats.

Conservation status

Swinhoe's snipe is currently assessed as being of Least Concern due to its wide range and lack of evidence indicating significant population decline.

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