Striped Flufftail

Sarothrura affinis

The striped flufftail (Sarothrura affinis) is a species of bird in the flufftail family Sarothruridae. It is also known as the red-tailed flufftail. The species is closely related to the Madagascar flufftail. The species has a disjunct distribution across the Afromontane of southeastern Africa, with two subspecies. The nominate subspecies S. a. affinis is found in eastern South Africa and Eswatini. S. a. antonii, named for German ornithologist Anton Reichenow, is found in eastern Zimbabwe and Mozambique, Malawi, southern Tanzania, Kenya and the south of South Sudan. The striped flufftail is a small rail-like birds, 14 to 15 cm long. The male has a chestnut head, white throat, and black body streaked with white with a yellowish wash. The female is brown with lighter barring and a pale belly. S. a. antonii is different from the nominate in having the chestnut of the head coming down to the breast, and in being larger.
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Mark Beckermann
Sunday 31 Jul 2022 - 6:29am
South Africa
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