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A photo of a Macqueen's Bustard (Chlamydotis macqueenii)
Macqueen's Bustard

Macqueen's Bustard

Chlamydotis macqueenii

The MacQueen's bustard, Chlamydotis macqueenii, is a large and majestic bird of the bustard family. It is a creature of the desert and steppe, with a preference for arid landscapes. This medium-sized bustard stands at about 65 cm in length and boasts a wingspan of 140 cm. Its upper parts are brown, while the underparts are white, adorned with black stripes along the sides of the neck. In flight, the contrast between the black and brown flight feathers and the white patch at the base of the primaries is striking.

Identification Tips

Both sexes of MacQueen's bustard are similar in plumage, though the female is slightly smaller and paler above. The male can be distinguished by its larger size, which is about 9 to 15% greater than the female across various measurements. During the male's display, the white feathers of the head and throat are raised, and the head is retracted, making identification easier.


MacQueen's bustard is found in deserts and other extremely arid sandy areas. It shows a strong preference for regions with dense scrub vegetation, particularly favoring the growth of Capparis spinosa.


This species ranges from the east of the Sinai Peninsula to the Caspian Sea, extending eastward to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Northern populations migrate south to winter in Pakistan and western India. Historical vagrants have been recorded as far west as Great Britain.


The male MacQueen's bustard performs a flamboyant display at lek sites, raising the white feathers of the head and throat and retracting the head while walking around. The display is a visual spectacle, with the male puffing up the black feathers on the sides of the neck to form a ruff and twisting his body from side to side as he approaches a potential mate. The female alone is responsible for nest-building and incubation, with the young leaving the nest immediately after hatching.

Song & Calls

MacQueen's bustard is generally silent, with the exception of the male's display sounds. These vocalizations are an integral part of their courtship ritual.


The clutch consists of 2-4 eggs laid in a bare scrape on the ground. The eggs hatch after about 23 days, and the chicks are nidifugous, following their mother who feeds them insects.

Similar Species

The MacQueen's bustard was once considered a subspecies of the houbara bustard but is now recognized as a distinct species. It is larger and paler than the houbara, with differences in the crest feathers and display behavior.

Diet and Feeding

An omnivorous species, MacQueen's bustard consumes seeds, berries, insects, and other invertebrates. They do not drink water, obtaining all necessary moisture from their diet.

Conservation status

The MacQueen's bustard is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN. It has faced significant threats from hunting and habitat degradation. Conservation efforts include captive breeding programs and habitat management to ensure the survival of this remarkable bird.

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