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Green-fronted Hummingbird

Leucolia viridifrons

The Green-fronted Hummingbird, known scientifically as Ramosomyia viridifrons, is a diminutive and vibrant member of the "emeralds" tribe within the hummingbird family. This species exhibits a glittering bluish-green crown in males and a more subdued dark green in females, with both sexes sporting a red bill tipped in black.

Identification Tips

Adult males of the nominate subspecies are characterized by their shimmering blue-green crowns, emerald to bronze-green nape and back, and a grayish-brown to bronze rump. Their tails are a mix of copper and purple with green-edged feathers, and their underparts are a stark white with green flanks. Females resemble males but have a dark green crown and a bronze-green to golden-green tail. The subspecies R. v. villadai is similar but slightly larger and with less extensive green on the sides.


The Green-fronted Hummingbird is found in a variety of habitats including deciduous and thorn forests, arid to semi-arid scrublands, gallery forests, and open landscapes dotted with trees.


This species is primarily located in southern Mexico, with its range extending from central Guerrero to western Oaxaca. The subspecies R. v. villadai inhabits areas from Oaxaca to most of Chiapas, and possibly into western Guatemala.


The Green-fronted Hummingbird is generally sedentary, though some seasonal movements have been noted. It forages for nectar from mid-level to the canopy and is presumed to also consume small insects.

Song & calls

The primary vocalization of the Green-fronted Hummingbird is a soft "dry chattering," which can be heard across its habitat.


The breeding season of this species is not well-defined but includes the months of May, September, and October. Nests are rare to find but are known to be cups made of plant down adorned with green lichens, situated around 1.8 meters above ground. They typically lay clutches of two eggs, though incubation and fledging periods remain undocumented.

Conservation status

The IUCN has classified the Green-fronted Hummingbird as Least Concern, with an unknown but presumably decreasing population size. Habitat loss is a concern in Mexico, where it is considered threatened.

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