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A photo of a Greenish Puffleg (Haplophaedia aureliae)
Greenish Puffleg

Greenish Puffleg

Haplophaedia aureliae

The Greenish Puffleg, a member of the hummingbird family, is a small bird with a length ranging from 9 to 11.6 cm and a weight between 4 to 6.5 grams. Exhibiting a shimmering green plumage with a coppery sheen on the head and neck, the males are particularly striking. The underparts are a more subdued green with a grayish-white scaly pattern. Notably, the bird's "pufflegs" are white on the exterior and buff on the interior, and it sports a slightly forked, blue-black tail. Females are similar in appearance but have more pronounced scaling on the underparts and entirely white leg puffs. Juveniles resemble the females in their plumage.

Identification Tips

To identify the Greenish Puffleg, look for the distinctive white and buff leg puffs, the coppery hue on the head and neck, and the scaly pattern on the underparts. The male's slightly forked tail is another key feature to observe.


This species inhabits the lower levels of forests, where it can be found foraging for nectar. It is also known to venture to the canopy to feed on flowering Inga trees.


The Greenish Puffleg is distributed across Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru, with its range extending from the eastern parts of Panama through the Andes of Colombia and Ecuador, and into Peru up to the border of Amazonas and San Martín departments.


The Greenish Puffleg is a territorial bird, often defending clusters of flowers from which it feeds. It is known to make seasonal elevational movements, although the patterns of these movements are not well documented.

Song & Calls

Males of the species can be heard singing from high perches, producing a repetitive double-noted 'tur seet' or 'tskut' sound.


The breeding season for the Greenish Puffleg is thought to be from December to March, although nesting has been observed in other months as well. The female constructs a cup-shaped nest from moss and cobwebs, lining it with fine plant material and suspending it beneath a large leaf for protection from rain. The nest is typically located about 2 meters above the ground.

Similar Species

The Greenish Puffleg can be confused with its sister species, the Buff-thighed Puffleg, and other similar hummingbirds. However, differences in plumage, particularly the leg puffs and scaling on the underparts, can aid in distinguishing them.

Diet and Feeding

In addition to nectar, the Greenish Puffleg feeds on insects, which it gleans from leaves. It is known to be quite territorial when it comes to feeding sites.

Conservation status

The IUCN has classified the Greenish Puffleg as Least Concern. Its population is believed to be stable, and the bird ranges from being uncommon to common and locally abundant in various parts of its range.

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