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A photo of a Dusky Warbler (Phylloscopus fuscatus)
Dusky Warbler

Dusky Warbler

Phylloscopus fuscatus

The dusky warbler, known scientifically as Phylloscopus fuscatus, is a modestly adorned leaf warbler. Its plumage is an unassuming blend of brown on the back with buff tones gracing the underparts. A distinctive whitish supercilium marks its face, adding a touch of character to its otherwise plain appearance.

Identification Tips

When attempting to identify the dusky warbler, look for its fine, pointed bill and the prominent whitish stripe above the eye, known as the supercilium. The adult's back is a uniform brown, lacking streaks, while the underparts are a paler buff. Juveniles may present a more olive-tinged hue above. Both sexes are similar in appearance, which is typical for warblers.


This species thrives in the taiga bogs and wet meadows of the east Palearctic, a testament to its preference for moist and dense vegetation.


The dusky warbler is a globe-trotting migrant, breeding in the east Palearctic and wintering in the warmer climes of South Asia and South-east Asia. It has been known to venture as far as North America, with sightings in Alaska and even California.


This warbler is a creature of movement, embarking on long migrations and displaying a tendency for vagrancy, especially to western Europe. It is a bird that often keeps to the shadows, skulking in dense foliage, yet its presence is betrayed by its vocalizations.

Song & Calls

The dusky warbler communicates with a monotonous whistle that serves as its song, while its call is a harsh "check" that can alert birdwatchers to its otherwise concealed presence.


In the breeding season, the dusky warbler constructs its nest low in a bush, laying a clutch of 5-6 eggs. This act of reproduction is a quiet affair, hidden in the dense vegetation of its chosen habitat.

Diet and Feeding

An insectivorous bird by nature, the dusky warbler pursues a diet primarily composed of insects. However, it is not averse to diversifying its palate with the occasional small food item, such as berries.

Conservation status

The dusky warbler is currently classified as Least Concern by the IUCN, indicating a stable population without immediate threats to its survival.

Dusky Warbler Sounds

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