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A photo of a Rufous-faced Warbler (Abroscopus albogularis)
Rufous-faced Warbler

Rufous-faced Warbler

Abroscopus albogularis

The Rufous-faced Warbler, scientifically known as Abroscopus albogularis, is a charming member of the bush warbler family, Cettiidae. This small bird, once part of the broader "Old World warbler" group, captivates with its distinctive rufous facial markings.

Identification Tips

Upon encountering this species, one should note the characteristic rufous coloration on its face, which gives the bird its common name. The warbler's plumage is otherwise modest, allowing it to blend seamlessly into its forest surroundings.


The Rufous-faced Warbler is a denizen of subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, where it flits through the understory in search of sustenance.


This species graces a range of countries across Asia, including Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, showcasing the adaptability of these warblers to various forested environments within the region.


Intriguingly, the Rufous-faced Warbler is known to engage in mixed-species flocks, often accompanying leaf warblers. This social behavior suggests a level of interspecies cooperation and adaptability in foraging strategies.

Conservation status

The IUCN Red List categorizes the Rufous-faced Warbler as Least Concern, indicating that, for now, this species continues to thrive across its range without immediate threats to its population.

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