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Sri Lanka Swallow

Cecropis hyperythra

The Sri Lanka swallow, a large and elegant bird, graces the skies of Sri Lanka with its deeply forked tail and striking plumage. The bird's underparts are a rich rufous, contrasting beautifully with its navy blue rump, a feature that distinguishes it from its relatives. This passerine species is adept at perching, thanks to its anisodactyl feet, with three toes pointing forward and one backward.

Identification Tips

To identify the Sri Lanka swallow, look for its deep rufous underside, which sets it apart from the similar red-rumped swallow. The absence of any markings on the navy blue rump is another distinctive trait. Its large size and deeply forked tail are also key characteristics to observe.


The Sri Lanka swallow can be found across a variety of open country landscapes in Sri Lanka, from the lowlands to the foothills. Its preferred habitats include farm fields and areas with light woodland, where it can be seen gracefully maneuvering through the air.


These swallows are social creatures, often seen in pairs or small groups. They exhibit a strong bond with their chosen partner and display communal tendencies when interacting with other members of their species.

Conservation status

The Sri Lanka swallow is currently listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List. This status indicates that, at present, the species does not face any immediate threats to its survival. However, continued monitoring is essential to ensure that this swallow remains a common sight in the skies of Sri Lanka.

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