A photo of a Australasian Figbird (Sphecotheres vieilloti), male
Australasian Figbird, Male

Australasian Figbird

Sphecotheres vieilloti

The Australasian figbird (Sphecotheres vieilloti), also known as the green figbird (not to be confused with the Timor figbird), is a conspicuous, medium-sized passerine bird native to a wide range of wooded habitats in northern and eastern Australia, southern New Guinea, and the Kai Islands. It is common in large parts of its range, and occurs in numerous protected areas. It is sexually dimorphic, and the racial differences are almost entirely limited to the male. Males of all subspecies have a black tail with broad white tips to the outer rectrices, white crissum (the undertail coverts surrounding the cloaca), blackish primaries, a black head, distinct bright red facial skin, a black bill with a red base, and pinkish legs. In the nominate subspecies, the body is largely olive-green, and the throat, neck and chest are grey. The subspecies cucullatus, ashbyi and flaviventris are yellowish olive-green above, and bright yellow below (including the throat). The last subspecies, salvadorii, resembles previous, but with a grey throat, collar and chest similar to the nominate subspecies, thereby giving it an intermediate appearance not unlike some hybrids between the nominate and flaviventris subspecies in Australia. Females are drab-coloured, being dull brownish above, and white below with strong dark streaking. They have greyish facial skin, and a greyish-black bill. Juveniles resemble females, but the streaking below is typically not as strong. The other orioles in its range, the brown and olive-backed orioles, are superficially similar, but have entirely red bills when adult.
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A map showing the sighting location
Sue Duivesteyn
Saturday 16 Sep 2023 - 1:34am
A photo of a Australasian Figbird photographed in  Australia
Profile picture for Brendan Fischer
Brendan Fischer
Tuesday 12 Sep 2023 - 1:59am
A map showing the sighting location
Joe Hemmings
Saturday 09 Sep 2023 - 4:16am
A map showing the sighting location
Profile picture for Matthew Jacobs
Matthew Jacobs
Friday 01 Sep 2023 - 5:41am
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