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A photo of a Singing Honeyeater (Gavicalis virescens)
Singing Honeyeater

Singing Honeyeater

Gavicalis virescens

The Singing Honeyeater, known scientifically as Gavicalis virescens, is a small bird native to Australia. It exhibits a grey-brown plumage, with olive-green wings and tail, adorned with yellow flashes. A distinctive black stripe extends from behind its beak to its back, complemented by a yellow streak below the eye.

Identification Tips

When attempting to identify the Singing Honeyeater, look for the broad black stripe running from the beak to the back and the yellow streak beneath the eye. Its size ranges from 17 to 22 cm, and its song varies from a scratchy noise to a more melodious tune, depending on the region.


This species thrives in a variety of environments, including shrubland, woodland, and coastal areas across Australia, particularly west of the Great Dividing Range.


The Singing Honeyeater is widespread throughout Australia, from the west coast to Western Australian coastal islands. It is not found in countries outside Australia.


Singing Honeyeaters are known for their community-minded nature, often attacking larger animals in groups if they perceive a threat to their territory. They live in family groups and exhibit aggressive behavior when breeding. They are also known to form long-term relationships with their partners.

Song & Calls

The bird's vocalizations range from scratchy to melodious, with variations in song depending on geographical location. The mainland birds' songs differ significantly from those of island populations, with the latter having shorter songs with fewer types and syllables.


Breeding occurs from July to February. Their nests are crafted from grass, plant stems, and spider webs, and their eggs are light cream-brown with darker spots.

Similar Species

The Singing Honeyeater has close relatives with similar appearances and overlapping ranges. Clear visuals in a bird identification guide are essential for accurate identification.

Diet and Feeding

An omnivorous bird, the Singing Honeyeater's diet includes nectar, small insects, fruits, grubs, and berries. They are also opportunistic predators, known to raid the nests of smaller birds for eggs and chicks.

Conservation status

The Singing Honeyeater is classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, indicating a stable population without significant threats to its survival.

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