Yellow Chat

Epthianura crocea

The yellow chat (Epthianura crocea) is a small passerine bird endemic to Australia. They are known for their remarkable adaptions that aid their survival in their arid habitat. The yellow chat is a small passerine bird usually seen in groups of 2-10 individuals. They are approximately 11 cm tall and weigh 9 g. They are sexually dimorphic with the adult male having a bright golden-yellow forehead and underparts with a prominent black crescent breast band. The crown and nape are a grey-olive colour, the back is yellowish-brown and the tail is black with yellow tips on the feathers. The female is of similar colouring to the male but with a paler yellow colour and with no breast band. The juveniles are distinguished by being more greyish-brown in colour than the yellow displayed by their parents. All yellow chats, including juveniles, have a distinctive yellow rump when in flight. They have relatively long legs and toes, allowing them to forage with ease for food over low vegetation and on the ground. Yellow chats can also be identified by their distinctive, high-pitched and tuneful pee pee call.
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