A photo of a Western Bowerbird (Chlamydera guttata)
Western Bowerbird

Western Bowerbird

Chlamydera guttata

The western bowerbird (Chlamydera guttata) is a species of bird in the family Ptilonorhynchidae. The species is a common endemic of Australia. It has a disjunct distribution, occurring in Central Australia and the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The western bowerbird is smaller than the other bowerbird it shares its range with, the great bowerbird. It measures between 24–28 cm in length and weighs between 120-150 g. Both sexes are similar in size and dimensions, except that the tail of the female is slightly longer. The plumage is brown with reddish or buff spots over the throat, chest, neck, back head and wings, with a pink erectile crest on the nape. The tail is brown and the undersides are buff. The plumage of the female is similar to the male but more spotted on the throat.
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