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A photo of a Pallid Harrier (Circus macrourus), male
Pallid Harrier, Male

Pallid Harrier

Circus macrourus

The Pallid Harrier, a graceful bird of prey, exhibits a typical harrier silhouette with long wings held in a shallow V during its low, gliding flight. Adult Pallid Harriers are medium-sized raptors, measuring 40–48 cm in length with a wingspan of 95–120 cm. Males, lighter in build, weigh around 315 g, while the slightly larger females tip the scales at approximately 445 g.

Identification Tips

The male Pallid Harrier is distinguished by its whitish-grey upperparts and pure white underparts, accented with narrow black wingtips. In contrast, the female is cloaked in brown with white upper tail coverts, earning her and similar juveniles the moniker "ringtails". Her underparts are a buff color, streaked with brown. When distinguishing this species from others, note its smaller size, narrower wings, paler coloration, and unique wingtip pattern compared to the hen harrier. It also bears resemblance to the female Montagu's harrier but can be identified by its paler belly and a more defined facial pattern.


The Pallid Harrier breeds on open plains, bogs, and heathland, favoring expansive, unobstructed landscapes for nesting and hunting.


This migratory species breeds in the southern reaches of eastern Europe, central Asia, and Iran. Come winter, it travels to India and southeast Asia. While a rare visitor to Great Britain and western Europe, sightings are on the rise, with notable breeding occurrences in the Netherlands and Spain.


Pallid Harriers are known for their surprise hunting tactics, drifting low over fields and moors to capture unsuspecting small mammals and birds. Their diet also includes large insects such as grasshoppers and locusts, as well as lizards and frogs.

Song & Calls

The vocalizations of the Pallid Harrier, while not extensively documented here, play a role in communication and territory defense, as is common among raptor species.


The ground-nesting Pallid Harrier lays a clutch of three to six eggs, though four to five is the typical range. The eggs are whitish in color, and the nesting site is often a simple scrape on the ground, concealed by vegetation.

Similar Species

The Pallid Harrier is similar in appearance to the hen harrier and the Montagu's harrier. However, it can be differentiated by its size, wing shape, and coloration, as well as specific patterns on the wings and face.

Diet and Feeding

A versatile predator, the Pallid Harrier's diet encompasses small mammals, birds, large insects, lizards, and frogs. It employs a low-flying hunting strategy to ambush prey in open landscapes.

Conservation status

The Pallid Harrier is currently classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List. Conservation efforts are essential to monitor and protect this species as it faces challenges in its natural habitat.

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