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A photo of a Chinese Sparrowhawk (Accipiter soloensis), male
Chinese Sparrowhawk, Male

Chinese Sparrowhawk

Accipiter soloensis

The Chinese sparrowhawk, a raptor of the Accipitridae family, is a bird of modest size, measuring 30 to 36 centimeters in length. Sexual dimorphism is present, with females being larger than males. Adults boast striking black wing tips, with males displaying a grey upper body and a white underside, complemented by red eyes. Females, on the other hand, are adorned with rufous on the breast and underwing coverts, and have yellow eyes. The juveniles can be identified by their grey faces, brown upperparts, and yellow eyes. Their upper underparts are streaked, and the thighs are barred, with less pronounced black wing tips and streaked underwings, save for the coverts.

Identification Tips

When attempting to identify the Chinese sparrowhawk, look for the prominent black wing tips in adults. Males are characterized by their grey and white plumage with red eyes, while females have rufous markings and yellow eyes. Juveniles may be recognized by their streaked underparts and barred thighs.


The Chinese sparrowhawk primarily inhabits forests, although it can occasionally be found on forest edges.


This species breeds in Southeast China, Taiwan, Korea, and Siberia. It migrates to winter in Indonesia and the Philippines, passing through the rest of Southeast Asia, sometimes in small groups.


The Chinese sparrowhawk is known for its annual long-distance migration strategies and has a defined home range within South China.

Diet and Feeding

During its breeding season, the Chinese sparrowhawk predominantly feeds on frogs. It also includes lizards and other small invertebrates in its diet and may occasionally prey on small birds and mice. In its wintering range, this species has a particular appetite for cicadas.

Conservation Status

The Chinese sparrowhawk is currently listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, indicating that it is not at immediate risk of widespread decline.

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Stewart W
Fantastic to be involved
Fantastic to be involved, great for mental health and gets you responding with the Challenges that are to takd part in.
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My favourite app
As a young birdwatcher who was always keen to be apart of a community but never seemed to find one, my problem was solved downloading this!!! Everyone is so friendly and just as excited to see birds as me 😁
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App got me interested in birding!
Super friendly community <3 This app got me interested in birding! It teaches me cool stuff and its super friendly, and fun :) The species guide is really developing my knowledge, and i love seeing cool new birds from round the world!
Really useful
Downloaded to give it a try, everything worked perfectly, recorded my first bird watching walk. Very impressed. Have already recommended to friends!
Hip An
Really enjoying Birda where I live i have a lot of Red kites really hard to photograph but I can video are you planning some place on the app where us Birda can post vids🦉🦅
A Friendly Place
I love using the bird app, I have a pretty good knowledge of birds. But I do have some gaps in it, so it’s nice to have a safe space to check on a sighting to confirm the species. It’s really enjoyable and I love the badges you can collect. It’s like a real life Pokémon go.
Awesome App
I really enjoy using this app! It is such a friendly community of bird-lovers who are happy to help if I need ID advice. It’s been great motivation to get outdoors and go birding more! 10/10 😍😍
Nick S
Work together with community
Been loving using this app to log my bird sightings and work together with community members to identify different birds. I've already learned a lot since I started about a month ago!
Learning Birding with Birda
I’m relatively new to birding as a hobby, and Birda is a great way to keep track off all the species I see. I’m still working on my ID skills, but the app is great for figuring out potential species, and the online community is so friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend Birda to both early and serious birders! 🐦
Really great app
It’s easy to use and it’s fun to log the birds you notice on a walk or just in your garden. There’s a option to record the birds you see in a session which is really nice. Good excuse to stop for a while and just watch birds. I am also enjoying the information part where you can find out fact about birds from all over the world.
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