Black Honey Buzzard

Henicopernis infuscatus

The black honey-buzzard (Henicopernis infuscatus), also commonly known as the New Britain Honey-Buzzard, is a large raptor of the family Accipitridae. Standing at around 50 cm tall, the adult black honey-buzzard has a dark head and body, with striking white bands on its tail and flight feathers. When in flight, the buzzard can be recognized by its long wings and noticeably large secondary feathers. It is thought to be sedentary, with a range limited to the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea, where it is endemic. Due to its remote habitat and tendency to remain in densely forested areas, there is currently much to learn about this striking species. The black honey-buzzard is a dark grey-brown colour with pale silvery bars on the wings and tail. When perched, the wing and tail bars are clearly visible. In flight, the wing bars are notable and the wing shape is distinctive, with a narrow base and broad tips, and bulging outer primaries. Juvenile markings are unknown. Its height ranges 48–52 cm, and wingspan ranges 110–115 cm.
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