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Long-tailed Wood Partridge

Dendrortyx macroura

The Long-tailed Wood Partridge, Dendrortyx macroura, is a rather secretive bird, cloaked in an array of earthy hues. This species exhibits sexual dimorphism in size, with males typically outweighing their female counterparts. The adult's plumage is a tapestry of black, white, chestnut, and gray, with a distinctive long tail that is slightly shorter in the female. The juvenile's plumage is a more subdued version of the adult's, with less chestnut and more dark brown spotting.

Identification Tips

To identify the Long-tailed Wood Partridge, look for the striking black head with white streaks above and below the eye, and a short crest tipped with buff. The upper back is a rich chestnut edged with gray, transitioning to an olive brown, black, and tawny mottled lower back. The breast is a soft bluish gray adorned with chestnut streaks. Variations exist among the subspecies, primarily in plumage coloration.


This species thrives in the dense understories of humid pine-oak, pine, fir, and montane evergreen forests, where it can be found at elevations ranging from 1,200 to 3,300 meters.


The Long-tailed Wood Partridge is endemic to Mexico, with its six subspecies distributed across four distinct zones, from east central to southern regions of the country.


A ground forager by nature, the Long-tailed Wood Partridge scratches through leaf litter in search of sustenance but is also known to ascend into low branches. It is a bird that prefers the solitude of dense vegetation, making it a challenge to observe in its natural habitat.

Song & Calls

The vocal repertoire of this species is quite impressive, with a "complex, loud and rhythmic" song often performed as a duet by mated pairs. The call is a resonant "korr-EEE-oh" sequence that can be heard at any time during the breeding season and primarily at dawn and dusk otherwise. An alarm call consisting of short, low-pitched squeaky notes is also part of its vocalizations.


The breeding season of the Long-tailed Wood Partridge spans from February to September. Nests are simple affairs, often just depressions lined with grass or pine needles, and may contain four to six eggs. These nests are sometimes concealed by natural features or vegetation, but not always effectively.

Diet and Feeding

The diet of the Long-tailed Wood Partridge is predominantly seeds and small fruits, supplemented by small arthropods and leaves. Its foraging habits reflect a bird well-adapted to its forest floor niche.

Conservation status

The IUCN has classified the Long-tailed Wood Partridge as Least Concern. However, it faces threats from habitat loss due to human activities, which continue to alter the landscape of its forested home.

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