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A photo of a Crested Guineafowl (Guttera pucherani)
Crested Guineafowl

Crested Guineafowl

Guttera pucherani

The Eastern Crested Guineafowl (Guttera pucherani), a member of the Numididae family, is a bird that commands attention with its striking appearance. These birds boast a body length of approximately 50 cm (20 inches) and a weight range between 721 and 1,543 grams (1.590 and 3.402 pounds). Their plumage is a captivating blackish hue, adorned with dense white spots. A distinctive feature is their namesake crest atop their heads, which varies in form from small curly feathers to down, depending on the subspecies.

Identification Tips

To identify the Eastern Crested Guineafowl, look for the unique black crest on their head, which sets them apart from other guineafowl species, save for the plumed guineafowl. The Eastern Crested Guineafowl's plumage is predominantly blackish with white spots. The eye is bright red and the neck up to the jawline is grey-blue followed by red extending to the base of the bill.


These birds are found in a variety of environments, including open forests, woodlands, and forest-savanna mosaics across sub-Saharan Africa.


The Eastern Crested Guineafowl is native to East Africa, from Somalia to Tanzania.


Eastern Crested Guineafowl are monogamous birds, likely forming strong and enduring pair bonds. They exhibit courtship feeding behaviors, with observed instances of males presenting food to females over short distances.


The nest of the Eastern Crested Guineafowl is a concealed scrape in long grass or beneath a bush. Their eggs range in color from nearly white to buff, with a typical clutch consisting of four or five eggs.

Similar Species

The Eastern Crested Guineafowl can be confused with the Southern Crested Guineafowl and Plumed Guineafowl. However, differences in plumage and facial coloring can aid in distinguishing between the three species.

Conservation status

The conservation status of the Eastern Crested Guineafowl is not explicitly mentioned, but as with all wildlife, monitoring of their populations and habitats is essential to ensure their continued survival.

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