Australian Painted-snipe

Rostratula australis

The Australian painted-snipe (Rostratula australis) is a medium-sized, long-billed, distinctively patterned wader. The head, neck and upper breast is chocolate brown (in the male, dark grey with a buff median stripe on the crown), fading to rufous in the centre of the hindneck and merging to dark, barred grey on the back. There is a cream comma-shaped mark around the eye. A white stripe on the side of the breast and over the shoulders is diagnostic. The upperwing is grey (with buff spots in the male). The lower breast and underbody are white. Males are generally slightly smaller and less bright than females. Juveniles are similar to adult males. No call has been recorded.
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Australian Painted-snipes on Birda



A photo of a Australian Painted-snipe photographed in Bells Swamp Australia
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Angus Hamilton
Wednesday 26 Jul 2023 - 3:50am
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