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A photo of a Buff-banded Rail (Hypotaenidia philippensis)
Buff-banded Rail

Buff-banded Rail

Hypotaenidia philippensis

The Buff-banded Rail, Hypotaenidia philippensis, presents itself as a medium-sized bird of the Rallidae family. It is adorned with a distinctive plumage, featuring brown upperparts and finely banded black and white underparts. A white eyebrow and a chestnut band extending from the bill around the nape are notable, along with a buff band across the breast.

Identification Tips

When attempting to identify this species, look for its size comparable to a small domestic chicken and its terrestrial nature. The combination of the white eyebrow, chestnut nape band, and the buff breast band are key features distinguishing it from other rails.


This rail favors moist or wetland environments where dense, low vegetation provides ample cover. It is adept at navigating through such habitats with ease.


The Buff-banded Rail boasts a wide distribution across Australasia and the south-west Pacific region. Its range spans from the Philippines, through New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand, to numerous smaller islands, embracing a variety of latitudes from tropical to subantarctic climates.


This species is known for its omnivorous scavenging habits, feeding on a diverse diet that includes invertebrates, small vertebrates, seeds, fruit, and even carrion. It exhibits a shy demeanor but can become surprisingly tame in certain settings, such as island resorts.


The Buff-banded Rail constructs its nest within dense grassy or reedy vegetation near water sources. A typical clutch consists of 3 to 4 eggs, with the species demonstrating a strong attachment to its nesting sites.

Conservation Status

Despite the vulnerability of some island populations to introduced predators, the Buff-banded Rail as a whole maintains a stable population. Its conservation status is currently assessed as Least Concern, indicating a species not at immediate risk of decline.

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Enjoying it immensely and finding it useful too. Recording the different birds and counting them is showing me how the present climate is affecting them all. I've trebled the numbers by planting native hedging. A great app.
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For a while Iโ€™ve been trying to find an app to easily record bird lists and day out and struggled to find one that I like. Birda is great for this, straightforward and a great community!
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I love using the bird app, I have a pretty good knowledge of birds. But I do have some gaps in it, so itโ€™s nice to have a safe space to check on a sighting to confirm the species. Itโ€™s really enjoyable and I love the badges you can collect. Itโ€™s like a real life Pokรฉmon go.
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Iโ€™ve had a passion of photographing birds for a long time now but have only just gotten into proper birdwatching, and this app is brilliant for those just getting started. There is a great sense of community among users and the app is very easy to use and professional. Awesome app altogether
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Really enjoying Birda where I live i have a lot of Red kites really hard to photograph but I can video are you planning some place on the app where us Birda can post vids๐Ÿฆ‰๐Ÿฆ…
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