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A photo of a Carmiol's Tanager (Chlorothraupis carmioli)
Carmiol's Tanager

Carmiol's Tanager

Chlorothraupis carmioli

The Carmiol's tanager, a robust and evenly colored bird, presents a rather unassuming appearance with its olive green plumage. Adult individuals measure approximately 17 cm in length, with males and females exhibiting subtle differences in their coloration.

Identification Tips

Males of this species can be identified by their slightly yellower throat, which is streaked, contrasting with the paler olive green underparts. Females, on the other hand, have a uniform pale yellow throat and a yellowish patch in front of the eyes. Both sexes possess a stout, dark-colored beak.


These birds are inhabitants of subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, as well as areas where forests have been heavily degraded.


Carmiol's tanager is found in Central America, with its range extending from Nicaragua through to northwest Colombia.


Carmiol's tanager is known for its sociable nature, often forming noisy groups that may include several dozen individuals. These groups can sometimes be mixed, including other species such as the tawny-crested tanager.

Song & calls

In Panama, a typical call of this species is a repeated "zhwek-zhwek-zhwek," which is delivered several times before transitioning to a different phrase.


The breeding season for Carmiol's tanager occurs between March and May. The nest is a cup-shaped structure composed of plant fibers and mosses.

Similar Species

The lemon-spectacled tanager bears a resemblance to Carmiol's tanager, but can be distinguished by its yellow facial markings and non-overlapping range. The ochre-breasted tanager is also similar in appearance, but its range does not overlap with that of Carmiol's tanager.

Diet and Feeding

Carmiol's tanager feeds on small insects, including beetles, cockroaches, and crickets, and complements its diet with berries.

Conservation status

Although the exact population size has not been quantified, Carmiol's tanager is considered to be common in some areas. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified it as "Least Concern," indicating that it is not currently at significant risk of extinction.

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