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Blue-faced Parrotfinch

Erythrura trichroa

The Blue-faced Parrotfinch, Erythrura trichroa, is a small and vibrant bird, with males displaying a spectrum of hues from light yellow-green to dark blue-green. Their faces are adorned with deep blue feathers, while their tails exhibit shades of red to rusty red-brown. These birds typically measure around 13 cm in length. Females, while similar, are less brightly colored with a more subdued blue and are slightly smaller with more rounded heads.

Identification Tips

To identify the Blue-faced Parrotfinch, look for the striking blue feathers on the face of the males and the red to rusty red-brown tail. Females are less vivid but still possess the characteristic facial coloring, albeit paler. Both sexes share the same body length and tail coloration, making them distinguishable from other finch species.


These parrotfinches favor the edges of rainforests and dense grasslands interspersed with woody plants. They are also known to roost within rainforests, seeking the shelter of dense foliage.


The Blue-faced Parrotfinch has a broad range, found in north-eastern Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Federated States of Micronesia, France (where it has been introduced), New Caledonia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. They inhabit various altitudes, from sea level in tropical islands to high montane regions up to 3000 meters in New Guinea.


These birds are known for their inconspicuous and shy nature, often retreating to grasslands for cover. They exhibit seasonal and nomadic movements, likely in response to temperature changes, moving to lower altitudes during colder periods.


The diet of the Blue-faced Parrotfinch primarily consists of grass and bamboo seeds, supplemented with small insects and figs. They are particularly fond of the seeds of Signal Grass, West Indian Lantana, Guinea Grass, and A. patrei. They forage by perching, on average at a height of 0.96 meters, and occasionally by climbing and pecking.


Female Blue-faced Parrotfinches typically lay an average of four eggs, with incubation lasting about 15 days. The females are mainly responsible for incubation and brooding, while the males feed the nestlings. The young fledge at approximately 21 days of age and continue to receive parental care for an additional 10 to 20 days.

Similar Species

There are no similar species mentioned in the provided content.

Diet and Feeding

Blue-faced Parrotfinches adapt to available food sources, including introduced species. They forage in patches, sometimes forming groups of 30 or more birds when food resources are abundant.

Conservation status

The IUCN has classified the Blue-faced Parrotfinch as Least Concern, indicating a stable population without significant threats to its survival.

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