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Kashmir Nuthatch

Sitta cashmirensis

The Kashmir nuthatch (Sitta cashmirensis) is a charming avian resident of the Himalayas, adorned with mostly grey upper parts and a striking contrast of reddish underparts. A pale throat and chin add to its delicate appearance. This small bird, measuring a mere 14 cm in length, flits through the montane forests with grace.


The Kashmir nuthatch makes its home within the lush embrace of subtropical and tropical humid montane forests. It thrives at elevations ranging from 1,800 to 3,350 meters, where the air is crisp and the foliage dense.


This species is a jewel of the northernmost Indian subcontinent, with its range extending across Afghanistan, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. It is a bird of the highlands, intimately tied to the mid-altitudes of the majestic Himalayas.

Conservation status

The Kashmir nuthatch is currently classified as Least Concern by the IUCN. While global population figures remain unquantified, it is described as common in eastern Afghanistan and north-western India, and fairly common in Nepal, suggesting a stable presence in its natural habitat.

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Jamie BT
01 Oct 2015 - 12:00am

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